Creating unique and daring imagery for artists, capturing the essence of their music.

I was born into a family where music was omnipresent. From as early as I was four years old, I’ve been playing the piano, the guitar, or pretty much any instrument I could get my little hands on. Genres didn’t matter either; I would play Baroque music one moment, progressive rock the next.

Another thing omnipresent was a love for photography. My father was an avid photographer, focusing mainly on landscapes and nature. He taught me all about composition and framing, about all the technical ins and outs of a camera system, and so much more. More than landscapes or nature, I loved photographing people, coming up with stories to tell in the images we created. A passion for portraits started.

During my studies (a bachelor’s and master’s degree in audio engineering) I discovered a burning desire to create art for artists, to help them tell their stories through unique imagery, often much outside the box of typical artist portraits. More than the artist, I try to capture what makes them, well, them – what makes their music sound the way it does. This, to me, is really all that editorial photography is about, you tell a story using just the images you create.

I found out through my work as a recording engineer, that though there was much demand for different photography for artists, there weren’t that many truly unique creators in this field. And so I set out to do just that; doing portrait and editorial photography for musicians, composers, and other people in the music or hi-fi industry.

If you’re reading this, and thinking to yourself: this sounds a whole lot like how I think, too!, then please write me a message. I’d love to collaborate with you, and create something truly unique, together.